Typical Day :

It's half past five, the Gods have blessed the Earth with another day, dawn is beginning to peep and the day has commenced to show its beautiful face, the birds have started to chirp, rustling of the leaves in the wind and the swishing of the water in the stream can be heard so clearly. We all are still lost in our dreams and suddenly, there is the sharp, shrill sound of the Rouser, announcing the onset of a new day at Chandrahasini Vidyapeeth.

The doors start to bang, voices can be heard and most of us wish for another few moments of precious sleep but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride them. Early morning is an agonizing experience as nobody wants to get up, brush, wash up, bathe and go for P.T but we have to, there's no choice.

An age-old dictum states that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, but while being trained physically we all don`t really mind an unhealthy body and given a choice, would surely prefer to sleep another hour rather than train in the field. Nevertheless, as physical training helps our mental and volitional growth, we most reluctantly accept it. Some smart Alecs complain of sudden stomachaches and headaches to 'bunk' P.T.


Unfortunately, they hardly succeed in shamming. The vigilant matrons, who are well trained, experienced and extremely alert can easily make out which one is a genuine case of sick report.

Typicalday Classroom

A quick change and ah! Breakfast at CVP, is a most nourishing meal enjoyed by one and all, after which we get together for the assembly, which is a potpourri of sorts. A prayer to induce tranquility of the mind followed by the school song that teaches us to toil and inspires us to aspire to reach the stars of achievement, followed by the National Anthem which breeds in us patriotism and zeal.

Thereafter are the dreary classes, Ooph! It's sheer boredom to the hilt but we understand they are necessary. Most kids would prefer to stay away from classes but our teachers and parents included, force us to go through this retribution six days a week. The refreshing break after three periods of meaningful and creative learning recharges us for the next four lethargic ones. It's in these periods that our minds are focused on 'Grub'(food) and sports.

Lunch is a big relief. It feels and seems as if the long day has come to an end, which is nowhere near the truth. But there is no harm in thinking, is there? Lunch, which is mostly very palatable, energizes us for the remaining part of the day.

Someone has truly said that 'One cannot become a good human being just by academic learning.' In other words, classroom exercises alone don't develop the complete personality. One has to build one's character, which is successfully practiced here in Pinegrove, in letter and spirit.

Keeping this in mind, our afternoons are divided into 3 sessions. The first session is of field games like Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics etc which, build in us a sense of team spirit, selflessness, comradeship, fair play, sportsman spirit, esprit de corps and various other qualities and traits which enable us to improve our own personality.

Typicalday Artroom
Music Room

The second session consists of Hobbies, which are slightly more interesting because they help us to fulfill our inner desires and interests, improve our artistic ability, technical skills and aesthetic sense, along with doing something, which benefits us as well as the institution. The different kinds of hobbies practiced here are public speaking, photography, dramatics, art, craft, dance, computers, painting, knitting, music, band, gardening etc. These help to remove the fatigue and weariness haunting our bodies and refresh us, to start all over again.

Between the second and third session we have our evening milk break, which is relished by even those who may not have drunk anything other than Colas at home.

The third session is for the students who have difficulty in keeping up with the academic standards of the class i.e. extra classes. The weak ones study while the bright ones freak out gossiping, chatting, playing and making lasting friendships. These hostel friendships last a lifetime, are most cherished and are the strongest bonds ever to be established.

Basket Ball
casual Girls
Casual Girls

The bell rings and we again go to our classes for doing our homework. We sit with full concentration so as not to let any teacher find fault with us. Prep time is enjoyable as many of us are sneakily reading novels or writing letters to our folks at home. The game of ` who is smarter, the teacher or me ` goes on each day at Prep time. At the end of the long day, it's fun to discuss the tricks of the trade of being a proficient hosteller, with each other. Mind you, with that little time we get at Prep most of us still manage to do our tests pretty well and achieve phenomenal results in the Boards. ` Deadly ` , is the word for us at ` CVP `.

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