Facilities provided in Chandrahasini Vidyapeeth are infrastructure, Smart Class, Computer Lab, Math Lab, Science Lab, Robotics Lab, Sports, Art & Craft, Upcoming Hostel, library, Science Park, Sick Room and Transport.

A famous adage advocates as follows: "The future of a country is made or unmade in its classrooms"... One cannot undermine the importance of classroom teaching vis-a-vis other activities but they definitely have a very important role to play. Our primary objective is to impart high-quality academic tutoring so that the pupils may perform well in academics and the secondary and tertiary aims are to involve the children in various games and other co-curricular activities.

In a residential school, activities find an equal, if not more important, place in curriculum development. All requisite infrastructures are available in Pinegrove School, to provide the children with the facilities needed for quality education.


Organization for Activities:

All the students, both boys and girls, are divided into four Houses, Nishchay(Determination):To Greater Heights , Shakti(Power):Labour with Consistency., Siddhant(Principle):Triumph with Truth. and Vishwas(Faith) : For Honour,We Strive. Each house is looked after by a House Master/Mistress who in turn is assisted by the student prefects. All the teachers are also allocated a House.

The prefect system is an essential part of a residential school for delegating responsibility to children so that they learn to exercise initiative.

The Houses have been named keeping in view the need for making the children love nature and become environmentally conscious.

House system encourages and develops healthy spirit of competition amongst all learners. Also a sense of unique belonging gets fostered in the most impressionable minds from very early age. Entire Academic year’s calender is packed with all types of intellectual, written, spoken, Quiz and sports & games activities in Inter House Format. Students of all Houses partake the whole year through, to show their latent talent(s) under the guidance of House Incharges and House Tutors to prove their mettle.

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